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EV Charging Business Is Good For Every Business

As more and more people in India are realizing the dire consequences of air pollution and opting to adopt an eco-friendly approach to transport and other aspects of their lives, electric vehicles have taken the centre stage to start this green revolution.

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EV Charging Infrastructure - The Need Of The Hour

If there ever was a country that requires a broad EV charging network, it’s India. Thirty -five of the top fifty most polluted cities in the world in India. And the need for EVs and consequent EV charging stations has never been more.

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EV Charging Powered by Renewable Sources

India is a country that is rapidly moving towards sustainable development, with a target of reducing carbon emissions and pollution. One of the key areas where India has been making significant progress is in the adoption of electric vehicles.

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Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations in India

To reach its ambitious target of 30% EV penetration by 2030, the Indian government has set tall goals for the switch to EVs over the coming years. For this, a complete national network of EV charging stations must be built.

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