You've Got The Ev
We've Got The Charging Station

Make way for ATUM Charge - A Solar Powered Universal EV Charging Station meant to make your transition to electric truly green. Come, charge your EV at the greenest charging station in your town.



A Man on a Mission

Meet Vamsi Gaddam, our Founder, Innovator, Prodigy. With a mission to make India a greener place to live in, he’s known to innovate some of the most sustainable products in the market today.

He is the inventor of ATUM Solar Roof – World’s 1st Integrated Solar Roof that has patents in India, USA & South Africa. Taking this ingenious product to the next level with ATUM Charge, Vamsi helps facilitate the use of green innovations that act as carbon offsets for the masses. So far, through our innovations, we’ve been able to reduce CO2 emissions by over 1 lakh tonnes. Holy smoke!

Who we are

The new age ‘green revolution’ is here, and ATUM Charge is leading the way. Say hello to India’s 1st Solar Powered EV Charging Station that’s giving conventional EV charging stations a serious run for their money! From the house of Visaka, where sustainability is the norm, ATUM Charge derives its power from ATUM Solar Roof – The World’s 1st Integrated Solar Roof, which means that ATUM Charge is using the power of the sun to power-up your EV. How neat is that? Not to mention clean and green.


Why ATUM Charge

Clean Power Source

ATUM Charge uses clean green energy to power electric vehicles as opposed to traditional EV charging stations that use thermal energy to charge them, making the entire process, an exercise in futility, given that thermal power is one of the worst pollutants, and the undoing of humankind.

A Healthy Charging Network

A dense network of our EV charging points reduce the need for high power and ultra-high power charging points, which are more expensive and can be detrimental to EV battery health if overused.

EV Charging Infrastructure

There are currently over 250 ATUM Charge Stations across our country and we’re looking to double that within the year and triple that within the next. We wish to create an EV Charging infrastructure so big that it phases out the multibillion petrol/diesel empire to make way for a greener India, a greener world.

Cost Effective

Installation of our charging stations is less expensive, requires less electricity and less space, reducing capital costs. It can be connected to low-voltage single and three-phase distribution networks, which are easy to install and widely available in buildings and public spaces


To create a sustainable ecosystem where every species not just survives but thrives.


Through our EV Charging Stations, we aspire to one day behold a world where fossil fuels are a thing of the past of green driving and clean charging are the wave of the future.