How we make a difference

ATUM CHARGE is installed 250 solar-powered EV charging stations in India as of now. ATUM CHARGE installing min. capacity of 1.3kW (4panels) to higher as per Annexure-1 provided details, for 4kW capacity panels that can charge up to 10-12 vehicles (2/3/4 wheelers) per day.

The new age ‘green revolution’ is here, and ATUM Charge is leading the way. Say hello to India’s 1st Solar Powered EV Charging Station that’s giving conventional EV charging stations a serious run for their money! From the house of Visaka, where sustainability is the norm, ATUM Charge derives its power from ATUM Solar Roof – The World’s 1st Integrated Solar Roof, which means that ATUM Charge is using the power of the sun to power-up your EV. How neat is that? Not to mention clean and green.

Why Atum Charge?

Easy to install

Widely available in buildings, public spaces, Parking lots, commercial retail outlets & etc.,

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EV users can save time

Save time, and eliminate the distance they must travel to access public charging

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Less expensive

Less expensive, Less space, reducing capital costs and requires less electricity

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Connected to low-voltage

To single/three-phase power supply.

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Lower Driving cost

Lower cost of driving community

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Clean Air

Clean Air commitment.

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