Own Your
Atum Charge Station

By following just a few simple steps and fulfilling a few requirements, you can be an owner of an ATUM Charge franchise.

Atum Charge Benefits

  • Utilization of vacant space for ATUM CHARGE
  • The power generated from Solar system can be utilized for powering captive loads and excess energy can be fed back to Grid
  • Per day 4.5 or 5 Units (kWh), will be generated per Kilowatt (kW) system and it's required per kW area is 100 Sq. fts.
  • Generation power at site, which can be used existing loads or can Charge the Electrical Vehicles (EVs) at affordable PRICE.
  • Can be use EV charging points at location where vehicles tend to park.
  • ATUM CHARGE models start with 1.3kW (4panels) to higher side.
  • Service warranty available for 1 year for ATUM CHARGE & EV Charger.
  • ATUM CHARGE provides end-to-end (Turnkey) solutions for customer satisfaction.
  • Payback/ROI will be gotten within a year.


Charging Stations




Customer Satisfaction

Setup Requirements

  • Required land area minimum 100 sft and more
  • Roadside Land area preferences
  • Power Supply required minimum of 2kW capacity.
  • Proper Land/ Firm documents required for applying of Solar Net-metering connection.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) required for Local permits
  • For charging, sufficient parking space required
  • Payment CHEQUE required for setup of ATUM CHARGE as per confirmation.
  • If any Rental /Lease Agreement produce documents.
  • GST & PAN Card details.
  • Applicant details as per the application Form.