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As more and more people in India are realizing the dire consequences of air pollution and opting to adopt an eco-friendly approach to transport and other aspects of their lives, electric vehicles have taken the centre stage to start this green revolution. As a natural next step, EV charging too has followed suit. At present, there are many EV charging stations being set up across India by many energy and automobile companies. We think business-owners should take advantage of this golden opportunity to jump on the EV charging bandwagon and expand their horizons, environmentally and monetarily, and here’s how.

I. New avenues: In India, there are over 10 Lakh EVs on the road currently, and this number is increasing at a tremendous pace. Our government has put several policies in place, such as FAME 1, FAME 2, Scrappage, PLI, etc. to encourage EV ownership and EV sales. You can become a green business owner by investing in an EV charging unit at your existing business space. This way EV owners can charge their vehicles while they take care of business at your establishment or even if they’re simply passing by and need a quick top-up. EV owners are likely to charge their vehicle during the day or in case of an emergency.

II. Good karma: These days, “going green” is all the rage, and rightly so. We need to become more conscious about our dwindling resources, our surroundings, and our planet. Investing in an EV charging unit or station at your business will help you adopt a green model and encourage those around you to invest in the idea and execution.

III. Property value: Another advantage of setting up an EV charging station at your business premises is that it’ll help enhance the value of your real estate. More and more people are looking to incorporate sustainability into their lives, opting for electric vehicles over petrol or diesel, and looking for convenient spaces to charge their cars or bikes. Not just businesses but even gated communities are considering this option, given the high demand for EVs and consequent demand of EV charging infrastructure. Think of it as an amenity for your business space that is sure to a yield a lucrative outcome.

IV. For the greater good: By setting up EV charging units or a full-fledged station can help you contribute to a much-needed EV infrastructure. Think of this infrastructure as something that could replace the mammoth petroleum infrastructure our country currently runs on. Additionally, this could become a convenient option for your employees who own EVs and look for a space to charge while at work.

V. Helping the Environment: There is no overstating the importance of reducing pollution and waste to help our planet and our existence stay afloat. We’re still recovering from a deadly pandemic, and the time is now to show genuine initiative and action to help better the health of our planet, our fellow living things, and of course, the human race. As a successful, responsible business-owner, you can do your bit, and installing an EV charging station at your establishment is a great place to start.

The market for EVs and EV charging is growing, and this is just the beginning. The 10 Lakh number will multiply immensely over the next few months and years. Apart from elevating the prominence of your business by installing EV charging stations, you’ll be participating in a more significant revolution that will one day help phase out ICE vehicles and usher in a new age of EVs. So, think big, think green, and last but not least, think EV charging!