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If there ever was a country that requires a broad EV charging network, it’s India. Thirty -five of the top fifty most polluted cities in the world in India. And the need for EVs and consequent EV charging stations has never been more. In this blog, we’ll understand the factors contributing to this copious amount of pollution and how a simple fix can make all the difference, for the better.

India is the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide, right behind China and the US. Our economy depends heavily on fossil fuels as we are home to over a billion people. Hypothetically, even if half of that population is of driving age, at least five hundred million people own vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Within this, the affluent own more than one car or motorcycle per person. That’s a lot of CO2 scattered into our fragile atmosphere! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from our environment being left in a state of utter disrepair, CO2 emissions are also wreaking havoc on our collective health. The onset of Covid is just the beginning. For this reason and many more, the promotion and adoption of EVs is the need of the hour.

Where do we begin?

However, before we can think of adopting EVs in large numbers, we must first, or simultaneously, set up an EV charging infrastructure that can facilitate the seamless replacement of ICE vehicles with EVs. That can pose a challenge as most existing EV charging stations are powered by a non-renewable and highly polluting energy source such as coal, making the entire process an exercise in futility. But strides are being made in the EV Charging industry, and solar-powered charging stations are quickly becoming the norm, with top Indian renewable energy companies leading the revolution.

What’s next?

Setting up a network of solar-powered EV charging stations can help reduce pollution significantly by aiding the adoption and use of EVs across our country. However, before that, we need to spread awareness among people about why EVs are the future and how they can help them lead a better, greener life. There are many reasons for one to opt for an ICE vehicle as opposed to an EV, and we need to create a world first where people see EVs as viable an option as petrol/diesel vehicles.

Benefits of an EV Charging Station Network

A broad network of solar-powered EV charging stations across the length and breadth of our country can have a three-pronged effect on our people and planet.

  • Help reduce carbon emissions - Replacing the existing EV charging network that uses thermal power to charge EVs with a solar-powered charging station will help control the pollution crisis in the country to a great degree.
  • Increase the health index of the country - By the reduction of pollution in our country, we can bid goodbye to many diseases that are linked to pollution such as asthma, heart diseases, bronchitis stroke to name a few.
  • Create a greener planet - As cliched as this sounds, it’s true. By phasing out the use of fossil fuels, we can truly benefit as well as help our planet repair itself from the damage caused by us through the decades.